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Mini Vinnies Starter Kit

Mini Vinnies Starter Kit

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Everything you need to run a Mini Vinnies meeting. The kit includes:
x 1 starter kit manual (for leaders)
x 30 Mini Vinnies badges
x 30 Mini Vinnies ‘take home’ bookmarks
x 30 Mini Vinnies handbooks for members
x 2 Mini Vinnies prayer books
x 1 Certificate of registration
x 1 Mini Vinnies song sheet
x 30 'How to support your Mini Vinnies’ guide for parents/carers
Mini Vinnies spiritual reflection guides (electronic copies) Liturgical Year A, B, C (also available to buy as hard copies)
x 1 Mini Vinnies flyer

The new starter kits don’t include certificates. These can be added separately.

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