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Lindisfarne peafowl biodegradable reusable travel cup

Lindisfarne peafowl biodegradable reusable travel cup

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Have your tea, coffee or cold drinks on the go with our travel cup made from natural Rice Husk. Look after it and it will last for years.Join the revolution! Our coffee/tea cups contain no melamine or other plastics and are BPA and toxin free, so nothing nasty to leach into your drink.

Light, Durable, Comfortable, Stylish, Strong, Easy to clean (no staining). Dishwasher and microwave safe

400ml Rice Husk Cup with silicone sleeve and lid. When you are ready to dispose of this cup, soak it in water overnight, crush and bury it in compost or soil. It will start to biodegrade in soil within six months.
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